Pregnancy and Postnatal Physiotherapy

What is physical therapy during pregnancy and postnatal?

Physical therapists in this field give physical therapy support during pregnancy and postpartum by examining and evaluating pelvic and abdominal muscle abnormalities, addressing vaginal birth concerns, and giving tailored exercise recommendations.

What are the advantages of physical therapy sessions during pregnancy and postpartum?

(During pregnancy).
Every pregnancy is unique, which is why Manzilia takes care to create a personalized program for each woman.
Directions are for:
– Pelvic girdle.
– Low back ache.
– Chest ache.
– Weak pelvic floor muscles and urine incontinence.
(After birth)
Following childbirth, both spontaneous and caesarean sections can cause weakening in the pelvic floor muscles, leading to stress and urine incontinence.
– Pelvic and lower-back pain.
– Upper back and neck ache.

How is physical therapy performed during pregnancy and postnatal?

Menzilia’s expert physical therapists will customize a program to meet your individual needs.
Depending on your examination, treatment may involve a tailored pelvic floor program, abdominal and back strengthening, treatment of any musculoskeletal problems identified, and advise on exercise, nutrition, sleep, posture, and ergonomics.