About us

We specialize in providing high-quality home health care.

The Kingdom’s best certified professionals provide home health care that is specialized in physical therapy and rehabilitation.


Mainzilia is committed to improving people’s lives by offering home-based physical therapy and rehabilitation services.
Our objective is to promote physical health, build a strong healthcare system, and enable people to live more independently.
We are dedicated to providing exceptional home care through an integrated health system that meets the highest international and local standards and is accredited by the Saudi Ministry of Health, the Commission for Health Specialties, the Saudi Center for Accreditation of Health Facilities, the American Physical Therapy Association, the Home Physical Therapy Association, the World Health Organization, and others.


Mainzilia’s vision is to be the premier provider of home health care, expanding our reach beyond Qassim and Dammam to cover all cities in the Kingdom. We seek to revolutionize healthcare access by utilizing our founders’ decades of experience in physical therapy, rehabilitation, and health systems. With the help of government health agencies and valued investors, we hope to continue to develop and create new standards in home health care. We are creating a future in which Manzilia is synonymous with quality in home health services, making a substantial contribution to the growth of healthcare standards in Saudi Arabia.