Musculoskeletal physical therapy

What is musculoskeletal physical therapy?

Musculoskeletal treatment attempts to restore your independence by assisting you in regaining movement and function. It can also lower your risk of subsequent injury and prevent excessive wear and tear on previously damaged joints and ligaments. It is the most effective treatment for pain caused by joint, muscle, or connective tissue problems. This sort of treatment aims to help you live pain-free.

What ailments may benefit from musculoskeletal physical therapy?

cartilage ribs.
Neck ache, particularly higher neck pain
Joint pain, including shoulder, knee, and hip issues.
The Menzilia medical staff can assess and treat musculoskeletal disorders during your first session, allowing you to build the best treatment plan possible.

What is the purpose of musculoskeletal physical therapy?

Musculoskeletal physical therapy helps patients recover and improve their quality of life in a variety of ways.
– Increases muscular strength and flexibility.
– Increases mobility, comfort, and quality of movement.
– Relieves or removes discomfort totally.
– Provides instructions on safe movement to lessen the risk of musculoskeletal problems.

How does musculoskeletal physical therapy work?

Once a diagnosis is made, the Menzilia team can begin working on a treatment plan for your disease.
A therapy plan is prepared particularly for you based on your records and health status; nonetheless, three treatment modalities are typically employed in the sessions:
1- Manual therapy: We may use massage or other approaches to relieve joint and connective tissue discomfort.
2- Exercise: We may probably ask you to do some exercise to aid with the pain.
3- Education: Throughout your therapy, we will provide you with information about different types of exercise and how they might benefit you, as well as nutrition.