Clinical Exercise Sessions

What is a clinical exercise session?

Physical therapists provide customized regimens to supplement your recovery from a sports or work-related injury, or as part of the rehabilitation process following surgery or persistent pain. Sessions can help you regain muscle and bone function and improve your overall physical health.

What ailments may benefit from clinical exercise sessions?

– Lower back ache.
– Neck pain.
– Shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle issues.
– Strength and fitness prior to and following pregnancy.
– Arthritis.
– Poor balance.
– Recover from sporting injuries.
– Improved athletic performance.

How are clinical exercise sessions used for treatment?

The professional will provide you valuable advice on how each training session can enhance your joints and muscles, allowing you to overcome movement issues caused by injury or illness.
As your body adapts to your workout regimen, it will get closer to its ideal state, and as the sessions go, you will experience less pain and a lower risk of injury.
Implementing a regular exercise schedule as part of your physical therapy program will help you gain muscle control while also improving your strength, dexterity, athletic performance, and overall health.